Welcome to the City of Casper, Wyoming


Hogadon Basin Interactive Trail Map

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Touch Screen Navigation:

•Popups: Popups show more information, contact info, and/or hyperlinks to expand your experience. Tap a line or point symbol on the map to show its pop-up. On mobile devices, popups appear as title callouts at the bottom of the map display. Simply tap the popup title to view the full popup

•Pan: Touch and hold on screen with a single finger, push or pull the map to readjust the ground position

•Rotate: Touch screen and hold with two fingers, move them together in a circular motion – like you are unscrewing a tiny cap

•Adjust ground tilt: Touch and hold screen with two fingers, push or pull both fingers up or down at the same time

•Zoom: Touch and hold screen with two fingers, spread or pinch fingers to zoom In or Out


Mouse Navigation:
Use a mouse to navigate the web application, if accessing it from a desktop computer.
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